Inventory + Life lately

Gazzilion of things to be said about these past few months, some I would never have imagined but they happened, breaking me apart, teaching and toughening me up.

I have had happy moments, from reconnecting with old friends to sharing accomplishments with friends and family.

I have felt pain, mostly from poor health. I was diagnosed with Migraines in February and this was the type that affected my spine, I have had to undergo a cervical spine X-ray. It was a lot and I was in a lot of pain.

There’s been a lot of growth and building of character. I have learnt to drop everything, worries and all before bed. I have learnt to always be myself and prioritize myself in situations that matter.


Being an intern isn’t always interesting, there are days I would regret leaving my house, there were also days when I would be the happiest in the building. One time I skipped work and switched off my phone because I was exhausted and didn’t want to talk to anyone or be spoken to. You can read about my internship here.


Whimsically, I decided to quit my internship and rejuvenate. I spoke with my boss and this woman being so graceful asked me to take a casual leave instead and return after since there is still an ongoing strike. I have now taken a two week ‘casual’ leave. I will be traveling to Jos. I’ve always wanted to visit jos and I honestly cannot wait! My excitement is everywhere.

Currently, I have a strong obsession for fruits and juices, I always stop to get some after work. I’m excited about being my true authentic self everyday. I’m currently looking forward to building my writing portfolio and learning more writing techniques while at it. Life is good, we really should be easy on ourselves.


I’ll love to read your thoughts, experiences or lessons over these past few months.

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