I Installed Acrylic Nails

I am one of those girls that don’t stress to look hot, in fact I like the scruffy look aesthetic so much. I have fixed nails in the past and let me tell you! I end up chewing or biting them off the night I made them or the next day.

I’m currently in another city and although I have so much to share but I won’t be able to share them as fast as I’d like to.

Things I currently can’t do properly

  •   Typing: It’s not like I can’t type, it’s just uncomfortable typing with extra nails. I have a To do list post waiting for me to finish and I’m so slow.
  •   Washing: This  is a daily struggle! If you see how I was pots ehn you’ll ask me to remove the nails.
  •   Wearing leggings and jewelry: I currently cannot wear any jewelry or tight clothes because I don’t want a situation where I’ll be stuck.
  •   Itching my eye: My eye itches a lot and it’s frustrating I can’t itch as much as I’d like

Do I regret fixing my nails? No. Will I do it again? Yes, in fact I’m thinking of doing it frequently.


How often do you fix your nails? Can you relate to my post? I’d really like to hear your nail experiences

3 thoughts on “I Installed Acrylic Nails

  1. I’m not a female but I feel like fixing nails only on occasions might just be better. This is so you don’t have to go through all these everytime 😂

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