8 months away from school; Ways my life has improved and how i have kept my sanity.

The last six months have been a carousel of emotions, life is unpredictable and I know we say this a lot but the uncertainties are exhausting. I was in a dark place around February and unlike rich people, I couldn't walk to any store and buy a chandelier, funny right? Things started to change around May, landed my first job outside my Internship, i was stoked! I got this abrupt motivation from the hope of making money, it was exhilarating.

Being alone with my thoughts has improved my perspective, it's refreshing to see things in a different light.

Despite the uncertainties and hopelessness in Nigeria here are a few ways I've tried to regain my sanity¬

1.  Wearing clothes that make me happy.  

Growing up I disliked most features of my body and it always made me super conscious, there was once a time when I didn't wear sleeveless tops and honestly I have realized it was a phase and I love that for me. I’ve been wearing pops of colors and bright colors, it has helped to lift my mood.



Lately, I’ve been reading to occupy my mind and to escape from life for a bit. I just finished reading Home Going and it kept me locked in for days, it was intriguing.

3. Staying positive.

What positives? you might ask, nothing seems to be working and there are a lot more negatives than positives but keeping the mindset that life is going to get better is reassuring.

4.Intentionally limiting human interaction.

My hyper-emotionality affects everything about me, from what I eat to how I work, it's exhausting. I've learned to protect my mind and just switch off my phone when it gets overwhelming, this has been super comforting.


  Now over to you, how is all this affecting you and how are you coping lately? I'm sure the current state of Nigeria is affecting everyone. Please leave a comment and let’s connect!

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