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When I'm not on the web looking through all outfit styles I think I can pull off, I am curating To-do lists or lists of places to visit. I even make mental notes on visiting but as we say in Nigeria; Soup wey sweet na money kill am. *Laughs in broque* 


 When I saw Weather room cafe on Instagram, I was excited, I decided there and then that I'd visit as soon as I get the time to. It looked dreamy and cozy, it was that vibe, it was my vibe. While anticipating, I wasn't expecting a lot because restaurants look like heaven on Instagram, and in real life, it all has the same aesthetic and small space. I later see that the Weather room cafe was as pleasant and dreamy but it is a small space.


The decor is my absolute favorite. The cozy and dreamy vibe was engulfing. I like how the chairs are white and look retro cool and oh! the blue! there's something about the blue that keeps you calm, pure serotonin. It's that ideal place for a cute Insta latte pic. I liked our servers, one of whom helped me get a picture of my friend and me. I liked my food, I ordered Beef noodles and white wine. it was tasty and spicy, just the way I like it although I preferred my friend's order of chicken spicy noodles to mine. PSA: I'm serious about the food being spicy, let them know if you want the spice on a minimum point. I also like the cloud-shaped menus, super cute! 


IMG_1901 (2)


Albeit the fact that food arrives fresh and drink is made in the bar right in front of you, the wait was longer than one thousand Mississippi, I counted. I didn't like others that joined and asked us to adjust so we don't show up in their picture, the space is pretty small. However, it's worth the little inconvenience.

I'm trying to make 'Abuja Living' a series and hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I must add, Weather room cafe is indeed a pleasant location, neat, cozy, and worth a visit. 




Cute outside.

 Weather room cafe is located at 7 Lingu Crescent Wuse II off Aminu Kano Crescent  Abuja

Although Weather room cafe is a new restaurant, have you visited it yet? Will you be visiting soon? let me know your thoughts. If you'd like more 'Abuja Living' posts, let me know in the comments. 

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