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Welcome back

It felt like I was in Santorini, I guess I can say that I was, maybe not... but you know that feeling you get when you are in a new place, it looked peaceful, the white walls, the touch of blue, the flowers on the walls, it is a gorgeous place.


Santorini Abuja inscribed wall decorated with flowers. 

A painting of a map on the white walls of Santorini Abuja, their blue chairs, and a white round table.

A wall with drawings, blue chairs and round tables at Santorini Abuja.

I found out about Santorini on Instagram and it's been on my list since then. I finally texted my friend, we set a budget and decided to go on a day that was convenient for us both. Thankfully, it's been a year since they opened so the place wasn't swamped at all. It was love at first sight.

Lounge area at Santorini Abuja.

Lounge area at Santorini Abuja.


In the spirit of trying something different, I decided to leave my comfort zone and try something new. Before the visit, I had always wanted to try pasta, dumplings, and sushi, alongside other intercontinental cuisines and so I did. I had the chicken dumplings, it was a flour-based dough, stuffed with chicken and it was served with sweet spicy chili sauce. It cost N3,500.

A picture of Dumplings, veggies and sauce on a plate.

Chicken dumplings, sauce and veggies on a plate.

 My friend had the spartan wings, it was spicy chicken wings marinated with sweet spicy sauce, it cost N 3,800. These were under the "nibble on" menu.

A picture of spicy wings, veggies and sauce on a plate. A strawberry cream shake by the side.

Wings and a strawberry cream shake.

It was time to eat the main dish, unlike my friend who was sitting comfortably in his comfort zone. I decided to try out pasta for the first time. I had chicken linguine, which was linguine pasta and chicken covered in a creamy sauce. it cost N6,500. I hated it, it tasted like punishment, I felt like I was eating rubber bands smeared in garlic and heavy cream. I didn't eat it, I took it back home for my mum and she didn't like it too. Now I can't say it was the worst I've ever had because it was my first time, I will definitely update you guys when I try it again.

A picture of pasta linguine on a plate.

Chicken pasta linguine.

 My friend had their spicy chicken, it was tenderly roasted chicken with sweet paprika and potatoes, it cost N8,400. it was indeed spicy and my friend didn't like it so I had it, the chicken was undercooked and nothing like I'm used to.

Spicy chicken, fries and sauce on a plate. A strawberry cream shake by the side.

Spicy chicken, fries and ketchup.

We also had milkshakes, I had an oreo milkshake and my friend had a strawberry and cream shake. They cost N3,600 each. I was utterly disappointed with the shakes, and will not recommend them. A bottle of water costs N600.

An oreo milkshake

An oreo shake.

What i liked about Santorini Abuja

The decor was an absolute fave, loved the walls, the paintings, and the artificial flowers. I loved the potato fries, spartan wings, and dumplings, it was tasty and sweet. I liked how the music wasn't loud, it was just enough. I liked our server, she gave us food recommendations and paid attention to us. The service is top-notch at Santorini Abuja.

Santorini also has a cafe but I didn't see much of it.

A picture of Sandra Okpara.

I didn't find anything I disliked enough about Santorini Abuja except for the constant flies that kept hanging around in the lounge area. 

What do you think about Santorini Abuja? Will you be visiting and what are some of your favorite places to eat in Abuja? I'll love to read your comments. What place would you like me to review next?

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