Birthday Wishlist!

I don't know why it took me this long to finally put out this post even though my wishlist had been ready since October. A part of me is cringing so hard at this post and another part is excited (not too excited). Life is short, I will not live it wondering ‘what if’.

This year has been eventful and it feels different. I always get excited about my birthdays and 2 weeks to it I'm nonchalant or depressed, this year is different. I feel really good, it's like there's this force keeping my energy in check. Good vibration!


Last year, I spent my day with an acquaintance whose birthday happens to be on the 29th. It was warm. This year, I have nothing planned, I considered a birthday dinner but I hated the last birthday dinner I attended, everyone was glued to their phones, I think that's one thing I hate about this generation but that's by the way. I would probably end up going to the library or tick places off my Abuja Itinerary.

I wrote a wishlist last year but it was unserious but this year is different, 2022 has been a defining year for me, there's been a positive shift in my mindset and I love it! Excited for this new chapter. 

Here goes,
  • A digital camera
  •  DJI Mavic Pro 2
  • Any book by Rupi Kaur
  •  Dr. Martens leather boot

Santa is shaking, lol. Don't let my list box you in, as a softie, I’ll appreciate every thoughtful gift. If you want to send me a shoutout, you can reach out to me on my email! 


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