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As a certified sweet tooth, I’m surprised it took me this long to visit this space. I always look forward to the sweet things in life, I can never say no to them. I walked into Frosty Pops and the first thing that made me so pleased was all the color, so inviting, and I was genuinely happy to be there. It felt so good to come out and enjoy myself, especially because it was my birth week.


In this post, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the ever so-popular boba tea. Asides from being a delicious healthy drink, I like how customizable it is, there’s a wide selection of flavors and colors. My new fave #glutenfree and vegan-friendly option. If you’re a fan of Ice cream or not, you need to try out a treat from Frosty Pops.


Frosty Pops is a 100% vegan Ice cream shop with tasty treats, they have handcrafted popsicles & bubble tea. They have a franchise in Kano and officially opened in Abuja in April and their treats are a hit. 


I had the cheesecake popsicle and it cost N1,700. This may have just become my top 3 comfort snack. I liked the inscription on the popsicle stick, I thought it very cute. 


My strawberry milk Boba cost N4,300. It tastes as good as it looks. I liked how the bubbles floated in my mouth, munching on them felt like munching on gummy bears.


 It was something I didn't know I had to taste until I tasted it, highly recommend trying it at least once. I intend to try all their flavors soon enough.

Things that made sense at Frosty Pops

  •     The cute pictures on the wall.
  • The italic written placard in every counter.
  • The wall with cute notes in neon lights.
  • The cute restroom.
Restroom at Frosty Pops

Restroom at Frosty Pops

Frosty Pops is located at No.1 konoko crescent, Abuja. Google map is accurate.

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Here's what I think about Frosty pops Abuja

3 thoughts on “Abuja Living – Unwinding At Frosty Pops

  1. Sound like you had a great time, love it for you.
    you are definitely going to be my tour guide when I come to Abuja.

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