Abuja Living|| Moeshen Art Gallery

A friend reached out to me and invited me to go with him to an art gallery seeing that I like museums so much, it felt like a nice thing to do on International women’s day. 

We arrived at the building where the gallery was and at a first glance you would think it's just an apartment complex, well it is… My friend said the owner of the gallery lived there and decided to make it an art gallery when he was moving.

Before going in, we confirmed our reservation and met with our host, she directed us to the first floor of the gallery. The first thing that got me excited was the scenery, it was beautiful. It felt like a penthouse from a movie.


The artwork here did not look like something I had ever seen, I’ll forever be grateful that I saw them. There were artworks from different artists all over the world like Egypt, South Africa, and Morocco. You get to see amazing talent from all over. It’s something to see.

This piece reminds me of handsome squidward

The entrance to the second floor had an orange vibe that felt like somewhere in Morocco and this made me nostalgic, I have never been to Morocco. Inside was a much free space with Arabic artworks hung up on the wall and even booklets from Arabic books, never wanted to understand Arabic so badly.

Some pictures from the second floor


This space had a warm homey vibe and it was the finishing touch to a much-enjoyed visit.

Now the artworks are priced in USD which frankly made me want to insanely rich fast, decorating my dream apartment and buying pretty art pieces. There were pieces that went for 40,000 USD and there were pieces that went for 300USD

Some pictures of my favorite artworks and pictures from The Moeshen Gallery

Also, I'd like to say that it'll be nice to learn the proper etiquette for visiting museums/galleries. Touching pieces because of Instagramable pictures is not fine, not appreciating the work of artists and disrespecting the space with uncouth behavior is something we need to collectively ban as a society.

Signing out from the gallery

Will you be visiting?

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  1. You never stop coming with amazing content! I love it and can’t wait to see your progress in the following years.

  2. I’m not still sure how i got here to read this, but i feel like too many things aligned in the universe to make this happen. You’re amazing, and thanks for putting us on xX

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